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The Perth Based design duo and their mutual love for the raw and wild landscape we live in, knew their products had to be handmade in Australia. Incredibly beautiful, untouched leather and hides with simple, strong hardware, they have created the perfect life time friends in their products.

The Convict story wouldn’t be complete without the research they have done through our amazing convict records, finding moving accounts of individuals and families – stories of resilience, of hardship, of bushrangers, of pirates and daring escapees. A chosen few have the privilege of having their story continued within each bag.

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Ramli is known for his leather craftsmanship, making beautiful leather bags and clutches. Using only the highest quality cowhide they are recognizable with his signature and use of contrasting materials. The brand is appreciated by traveling fashionables, people with a feeling for style and by designers themselves all over the world. 

La Société Parisienne de Savons

La Société Parisienne de Savons celebrates Art Deco style through their 
cosmetic creations subtly and originally expressed in a wide range 
of classical and sparkling fragrances.

Anxious to offer only the best, they revisit the formulas of yesteryear 
with unmatched delicacy and finesse.

Let yourself be transported by the beauty of a certain "art de vivre à la française" always tainted of refinement and elegance.

Tokyo Milk Dark

The Tokyo Milk range feels sweetly familiar and delightfully luxurious. Where traditional motifs are reintroduced into the signature designs and colour palettes of the Tokyo Milk world.

Offering fragrances and stunning hand cremes baring whimsical names. The brilliantly paired fragrance notes found in the parfums are so unique they make the perfect individual Christmas pressie.

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VOLUSPA’s exquisite attention to detail is the perfect fusion of the finest quality ingredients, evocative fragrances, and a luxe signature aesthetic. Each hand-poured candle features a highly refined blend of exceptional quality waxes and custom-created fragrances that yield an extended burn time and an irresistibly lustrous glow. 


Spalwart sneakers were born in Stockholm after a journey to eastern Europe resulted in finding a treasure of old machinery and moulds that where long forgotten.. The Spalwart shoe is manufactured in the same plant, with the same moulds and machinery since the 1950’s. Therefore these shoes have a non perfect but characteristic beauty.

We are proud to share a great part of history and the heritage of shoemaking. Every step is history!


REDIVIVO - An Italian word meaning "Restore to Life/Alive Again "Designers Pierina Dalle Nogare and Raffaella MacKenzie felt this was the perfect word to describe their collection of jewellery, leatherwear and other unique items.

They have a passion for hunting out rare, vintage and offbeat objects sourced from across the world, which they transform into striking individual pieces that cannot be replaced.

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