Urban Walkabout Feature: S2

WHO: Chrissie Catling
WHERE: S2, 26 Angove Street, North Perth

Fusing her passion for art and fashion, designer Chrissie Catling has spent years carefully crafting S2.

Located on the fashionable Angove street, the store blends the lines between an art gallery and boutique store - where a strong focus on aesthetics and quality design is distinctly vital.

After years of working as a designer, Chrissie originally established S2 as her signature brand where she designed and wholesaled her garments across Australia. 

But as her label grew, Chrissie decided to give S2 a home and invite other brands from Australia, New Zealand, Northern Europe and Asia to showcase their creations.

Now six years later, the store houses labels such as Zambesi, NOM*d, NYNE, Alistair Trung, S2's basic range and more.

With a deep love of transforming simple everyday or old and worn out materials into creative pieces, Chrissie also injects art installations into the store. 

Filled with a curated selection of honest and art-driven design, it is evident that each garment, accessory and piece of jewellery have been hand-picked to flourish S2's creative space. 

Earning a reputation for delivering beautiful designs, S2 has recently been nominated for Best Dressed Boutique for the WA Fashion Awards in March. 


1. Who do you cater your garments for?

A woman with a strong sense of self.

2. If you could only wear one designer for the rest of your life, who would it be?

Are you kidding me, that is too hard…

3. When you were a child, what did you dream one day you would be?

When I was a child I created spaces and enjoyed making things look beautiful. I never dreamed as such, but felt this natural to me. So it wasn’t clothes, but spaces, which lead me to initially study Interior Design.

4. On your days off, where do you love to visit in North Perth?

1. Intoo Collectables

2. Sayers Sister

3. Mariposa

4. Seva Frangos Art

5. El Publico

Via: Urban Walkabout