The Best of April at S2

Zambesi womenswear evokes strength and confidence with a commanding collection of modern simplicity and contemporary cuts.

Pencil skirts, slim legged trousers and tailored jackets offer a strict silhouette, while full skater skirts and dance dresses make an unexpected appearance. Coats and jackets introduce a dramatic edge with exaggerated lengths and sculpted detail.

The collection’s dark palette of black and forest is disrupted with accents of sky blue, deep red and soft pink; an enamoured reference to New Zealand’s unique landscape and skies.

Particularly special to Zambesi's collection are their
bespoke jackets & trousers in black and forest. In-store now. 

Deliveries arriving weekly!

E.S.S Laboratory’s clothes are always wearable and timeless. To them, fashion is not seen as something that is superficial but a search for the essence of it; this means both research in the fabric as well as the investigation of the idea of clothing itself.

S2 is proudly one of only two stores that showcase this beautiful brand outside E.S.S’s own signature store.

E.S.S Laboratory’s AW14 Collection highlights the designers fine signature style in the finest white shirts, Japanese cotton jersey tops and dresses in ink and black, along with fine wool trousers, drop crotch pants and much more.

M0851 products are fully designed and created in their workshop in Montreal. Since its inception in 1987, m0851 has voluntarily opted for a local production. Thus, it uses the invaluable expertise of its artisans and exercises strict control over the quality of its products at all 
stages of the manufacturing process.

MO851's AW14 pieces are true to their signature, providing their historical formula that strikes a balance between charm and functionality.

Seasonal styles in colours of black, dark grey and cendre.


AGONIST is a Nordic fragrance house launched in November 2008. AGONIST creates pure natural fragrances inspired by the Nordic climate and culture. Raw materials and product give form to a Swedish but even more Nordic clarity, – fresh with a vigorous weight and beautiful low tones.


Spalwart sneakers were born in Stockholm after a journey to eastern Europe resulted in finding a treasure of old machinery and moulds that where long forgotten. The Spalwart shoe is manufactured in the same plant, with the same moulds and machinery since the 1950’s. Therefore these shoes have a non perfect but characteristic beauty. 

We are proud to share a great part of history 
in the heritage of shoemaking. Every step is history!

AW14 delivery arriving any day.


Pronunciation: /strʌŋ 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
1. strung; strung or (Rare) stringed; string·ing 
- to furnish with or as with a string or strings.

2. 4000m of thread x 1700 knots + wire mesh + 1 ladder + sore fingers 
and crinky necks (plus a few drinks)

Members of the S2_2 creative team Niamh Clinton and Lily Inglis handmade our stunning new installation, creating a beautiful new space. Using 4000m of different types of thread, they hand tied a two tiered cube form, which was then hoisted to suspend from the ceiling.

Call in and enjoy our new space.

Attending the beautiful evening were some of labels true followers who got a chance to get to know the designers and their brand better with an introduction and questions by S2’s owner, giving an insight into how Nina and Daniel have grown together and their ethos behind their 
signature design and brand.

The space housed the newly created Strung Installation and was filled with fully bloomed, white roses and rust thistles, mannequins clad in One Fell Swoops sparkling, crystal pieces and soft lighting.

The night would not have been complete without the stunning Prosecco and irresistible cheese displays created by Daniel from One Fell Swoop, using the finest produce kindly supplied by European Foods.

An truly intimate evening enjoyed by all!

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“Please join me, I would be delighted to see you”

Best, Chrissie x