The Best of May at S2


Swedish brand V AVE SHOE REPAIR has found inspiration in conserving tradition as well as breaking those same norms. Classic tailoring, pattern making and authentic knowledge are always a priority and a necessity in their collections.

An amazing final collection of garments & footwear has just arrived – signature knitwear, tailored jackets & pants and soft jersey styles in grey tones and blacks, completed with handcrafted leather footwear and kicks.

S2 very sadly announces V Avenue Shoe Repair’s company closure. 
We will surely miss their creativity & designs and feel honoured to have 
showcased their wonderful work!

NOM*d’s Autumn Winter 2014 Collection, “I WILL BE GOOD”, suggests that this season's muse has been anything but. She has instead been retained by the authorities, writing out lines on the blackboard in the Detention Room; 
"I Will Be Good, I Will Be Good, no, I Will Be Me…"

Tough, independent, rebellious women, the essence of punk culture, and innate knowledge of deconstruction and reconstruction are all much loved narratives within the NOM*d story. In this collection there is a pairing of signature prints of gingham and tartan, and a colour palette of Brass, Petrol, Plum and Espresso and a strong sense of 'tunic' in panelling and cut.

S2 is thouroughly enjoying NOM*d's AW14 collection.

AW14 is a sophisticated collection showcasing Sandrine de Montard’s 
signature style at its very best!

Sandrine’s unique technique of combining flexible and warm material such as leather with cold materials such as chain and metal of old gold, old silver, bronze and copper, have once again lead her to create 
world class, original works.

Limited edition in-store now!


ONE CHOI is based upon Choi’s interests in the simplicity of raw materials 
and the belief that knitwear can be sensuous. Based on the borderless premise of trans-modernity, ONE CHOI developed the unfussy, ‘seamless’ technique and 
the idea of contrast resulting in a simplicity of form that is 
both timeless and innovative.

Seoul-based ONE CHOI has showrooms in both Milan and Paris. ONE CHOI is 
partnered with the most accomplished knit production teams in Korea and she oversees the selection of the finest yarns from the most reputable yarn 
companies in Italy, Korea, and Japan.

The styles we have chosen are luxurious, timeless shapes of folded cardigans, tops and legs in dark navy and black, and are to be loved and enjoyed 
for much more than just one season.


Niamh Clinton, S2's manager will be representing S2 at Blueprint / Singapore Fashion Week, May 15-18.

Initially an invitation to Chrissie was sparked off from Mariella Hanrahan (PFF) wearing one of S2’s own designs whilst in Singapore in early 2011. Since then S2 has generously been invited for four consecutive years, using the opportunity to develop long term business relationships with a number of companies.

V Avenue Shoe Repair – Swedish Brand 
Somearethieves – Italian Footwear based in Jakarta 
One Choi – South Korean Knitwear Designer 

“I am thrilled to be catching up with such talented designers and to be keeping an eye out for 
new and exciting concepts to bring to S2. Follow me on the S2 Instagram + STM's Social Media 
reporting from Singapore Fashion Week.” - Niamh

+ Hollywood movie directors
+ Italian manufacturer
+ People of art, film, finance, creative industries, intellectuals; and celebrities are among our clients
+ Those who express and seek.

Fundamentals of ideology are 
laid on extensive knowledgeable 
travel, imagination, solid education, planet cultural heritage and ferment, endless search for answers to the questions being asked by us every day.

It is all about identity.