Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair (V Ave Shoe Repair) is a Swedish fashion label founded in 2004 by Astrid Olsson and Lee Cotter. Renowned for their avant-garde yet highly wearable garments their work has gathered a large cult following from around the world. Their strong focus on classic tailoring, paired with their out of the box thinking has also made them an in-house S2 favourite.

It is with great sadness we share with you that we will no longer get to experience their artistic and wonderful designs due to V Ave Shoe Repairs’ unfortunate closure.

To prolong our beloved relationship with the brand for just that little bit longer, we held on to a secret stash which we have only just released in-store…their final collection!

Spring/Summer is a beautiful mix of jerseys and silks in muted colour-ways and of course in true V Avenue Shoe Repair form with their unique off-centre cuts and silhouettes, plus three gladiator style sandals in varying heights accompanying this last work.

Come and view this very special collection before we bid this wonderful label adieu.