Book: Champagne Supernovas/ by Maureen Callahan

This book is highly recommended for fashion’s lovers and in particular for those who have experienced and worn on their own skin the many fashion trends of the 90s.

This new, insightful book describes the fashion scene in the 90s through numerous personal stories of Marc Jacobs, Kate Moss and Alexander McQueen. They in their own special way became the greatest fashion symbols of that decade. The ‘Heroin-chic’, the ‘Grange’ trend and the surprising encounter of prestigious fashion and street fashion, would have never happened without them.

This book combines genuine fashion stories of the decade, including upcoming trends and professional fashion terms. The author also provides the readers some pure, juicy and exciting gossip about these three icons in their early careers. One of the main stories focused on the complicated relationship between McQueen and the woman who discovered him, Isabella Blow, (to our regret neither are alive today), partnered with an inspiring story of the surprising emergence of Kate Moss, then an anonymous model, as the presenter of Calvin Klein and how this extraordinary choice of Klein’s changed the ideal of beauty during the 90s and the ongoing face of fashion.