Watch: Pop to Popism

A highly recommended exhibition, Pop to Popism, will be opened on November in Sydney. Art lovers, Pop Arts lovers in particular, must visit the exhibition that traces three decades of this art. From the beginning in the mid 50th to the end of the 80th.

Pop Art developed during the 50th in the United States and Britain. Pop artists have chosen raw material from popular and mass culture as their art subjects. Mass media and consumption were the common materials, from television, film, and pop music to comics and advertisements. These were copied exactly as their originals and then undergo an excessive enlargement or a distortion of the original. Often, the special treatment was accompanied by a sense of humour or ironic works. Many of the art works had a critical tone about the affluent society and the consumption culture. Quickly, a pop-art pop-style inspiration was develop and designers slowly integrated the new style in their designs.

The exhibition features over 200 works, including Australian artists along side masterpieces such as Roy Lichtenstein’s “In the Car” and his first-ever comic-style painting “Look Mickey”, Andy Warhol’s” Triple Elvis”, and David Hockney’s “Portrait of an Artist”.

1 Nov 2014 – 1 Mar 2015