Focus: Massada eyewear

It’s almost summer time and we think it’s just the perfect time to re-introduce the impeccable eyewear brand Massada. This brand has already been in-store during the last season. Nevertheless, with each season the new arrival captivates our hearts.

The glasses are simply perfect - top quality Italian materials, with the frames then treated and hand painted in a London studio.

Massada’s designs are distinctive, iconic and expressive. They combine classic elements with contemporary twist and light touches of vintage. The result is clean, sleek and timeless.

Massada is led by chief designer Kate Lupinsky who grew up in South Africa and is now living in Europe. Lupinsky has always loved fashion, starting at an early stage. The conception of Massada was driven by her own personal passion for glasses and her constant disappointed from the fact she could not find an appropriate pair for herself. This frustration pushed her to establish the brand and design her own eyewear.

The label is driven by and the frames’ names that Lupinsky has chosen: Dr Strange Love, Sleeper, Big American Cat, Solaris, Metropolis, and Spanish Coffee. Art, music, and movies are just examples for her rich and unique inspiration.