We absolutely love the new campaigns for summer 2015. They feature older women replacing the role of young models and in many cases ones too young. These campaigns go strongly against the general trend and legitimate the place
of growing up.

Leading this summer revolution are three famous women and another strong campaign that has chosen anonymous older women as its presenters. Saint Laurent fashion house has chosen the famous and most appreciated musician
Joni Mitchell to lead his summer campaign. Celine selected the American author Joan Didion to lead its campaign, while the brand Alexis Bitar selected the eternal fashion icon Iris Apfel for their lead.


The fashion house Dolce & Gabbana decided to have a large group of male and female models representing a broad range of Italian families. Among them are a number of amazing, older women who look brilliant wearing the fashion house’s summer collection.


We believe there are some good reasons to prefer a mature presenter over young models in a fashion campaign. As fashion trends are rapidly changing, sometimes on a daily basis, the "thrill" threshold is steadily decreasing. As a result the young models effect lasts for shorter periods. There is also a constant need to search and find the next "big" thing or new face. On the other hand, an older model turns directly to the consumer she represents - their messages are clear, mature, stable, and reliable. An older presenter gives a warm and long-standing feeling, and an insight to an appreciated, cohesive style.