One of our favourite breakfast / brunch places in Perth in now open for dinner from 6pm to late Wednesday to Saturday…and what a pleasant surprise!!

The experience starts as you get to the place. The front door is closed and the way in is through… the window (look for the sign). You sneak in and if you are lucky you will find a morning table that is set up for dinner.

The menu offers several options for starters, main courses, and desserts. On the drinks section there are fine wines, beers and soft. The staff are kind and professional and the food is absolutely delicious, with a combination of Italian fused with Asian and lots of herbs and spices. The most surprising dish for us was the chicken wings. We are not fans of chicken wings, however, this was something else - from the texture to the surprising stuffing, trust us, you have never tried anything like this!

507 Beaufort St Highgate (Crn Mary St & Beaufort St)
Ph: 0429944861