Italian designer Milena is the creative mind behind S2’s recently delivered
M_ZU Jewellery Collection’.

This contemporary mesh jewellery is the result of a very long process entirely woven by hands with simple crocheting tools. This intricate weaving technique was used historically to make woven, gold jewellery, encasing rare precious gemstones worn exclusively by royalties.

Milena is blessed with a constant source of inspiration. Assisted by her skilful, silversmith artisans she explores ongoing new materials and methods of weaving fine, metal wires with tiny stitched crystals and colourful silk yarns. Each new piece has a life and energy of its own and it is birthed only after many days of patient study and work.

M_ZU’s signature brand is dedicated to transform and encourage women of all ages and nationalities to embrace their feminine nature and manifest it in a most exquisite and unpredictable way. These unique designs carry an aesthetic that transcends language and time