Regina Noakes Exhibition ‘Then and Now'


‘Then and Now'
27 October - 9 November 
Art2Muse Gallery 
357 New South Head Road Double Bay, NSW 




Our lovely client, Regina Noakes, is having another brilliant solo exhibition, this time in Sydney. If you are there in the next couple of weeks we highly recommend you pay a visit to Art2Muse Gallery and enjoy the moving paintings she has created.

In her own words:

“My recent works are reticent portrait style paintings…..figures are drawn from photos, incidents in life and sometimes historical images. I paint about the studio, the kitchen, the artist, childhood memories, and family. Most of my figures are female.

So imaginative and observational elements co-exist in each work.

The figures emerge from darkish backgrounds and sometimes they are dancing or playing. But mostly they are doing something unremarkable, lost in their own thoughts. The figures tend to bear no sense of time but I try to portray a slightly disturbing psychological presence. I like to feel that the gaze of the image lingers in my memory after I have moved away from the painting, slightly mysterious, making you wonder what the images are about.

I come from a family where there are several writers. But I am not a writer and I paint what I cannot write. My paintings are not there to be interpreted rather they are the possibility of anything and everything. They are about a feeling that you cannot place….the sense of a person or a place, from the past to the present”. – Regina Noakes