A perfect bag



Karl Lagerfeld

For quite a while, small bags do not go in and out of fashion like it used to be. The small bag has become a classic timeless accessory that is always relevant and is not affected by the changing trends.  And we understand why.

The small bags are very useful and comfortable. They fit throughout the day and are even suitable for evening as a going out accessory. In our view, it is not necessarily required to carry a large, heavy bag. We, actually, prefer the small bag that contains all the essentials.

Among the successful small bags, that we all know and love for many years, we have the cross-shoulder bags, the small backpacks and handbags, and the relatively new member the belt bag.

The last is an accessory that was a big star over the 1980s and early 1990s and has become a symbol of lack of style in the early millennium. Now it returns to our wardrobe as a stylish small and extremely comfortable bag. Current twist: you do not have to wrap the belt bag only around the waist - you can also put it as a cross over bag.

Another new-old member at this category is the neck bag. Remember the neck bag that contains only the house keys and a wallet? We all used to have it when we were young. Well, now we can find the adult version of it with more room for the mobile phone.

In our boutique store we currently have variety of small bags. We are loving them all and invite you to have a look and pick your own preferred one.