Everything we need, yet only things we need, in our winter wardrobe

 “buy less, choose well

(Vivienne Westwood)

Winter is coming. This is a perfect time to assess our wardrobe and figure out which new items we need to have.

We don’t need much. Less is no doubt much more. In our opinion the less we have inside our wardrobe the better we can dress. We believe in building a small, precise wardrobe with essential basics combined with items for winter or summer. Basic items are the key items in the closet to which other quality items are added. We should strive to have, and fill in if we’re missing, essential items in our wardrobe regardless of passing trends.

At some point in life you reach an age where you want your closet to be functional and useful, multi-purpose and accessible, high-quality and relevant over time. An accurate wardrobe is a great goal to achieve, but it is not always easy to define as we are living in a materialistic world with endless selection. It is sometimes difficult and even confusing to find our own unique voice among all the richness around us. Our recommendation for those who want to build a precise wardrobe is to choose only a few clothing patterns that are best suited to you in neutral colors such as black, gray, white, cream and brown. This allows the items to be combined and create diverse outfits. We also recommend seasoning up the wardrobe with some unusual items or colors that retain your personal style and taste. Another tip is to incorporate quality accessories such as scarves for the cold days.

This winter, we chose five essentials that could upgrade our private wardrobe. Quality and fair price guide us in choosing, as well as items that can fit into diverse outfits.

A classic jacket- always blend very well with the wardrobe. We like to add the jacket with everything we ware. Work outfits, evening outfits, and even casual, weekender clothing.

A Scarf- the perfect accessory for winter time. Choosing the right scarf can add so much interest to our clothing and at the same time warm us up on the cold days.

White shirt- over the years, the white shirt starred as a symbol of fine taste and adorned the finest fashion icons: Katherine Hepburn became an icon of independent feminine and non-conformist in the 60s. Patty Smith chose white shirt for her cover for her immortal album Horses in 1975. And, last but not least, Uma Thurman in her most memorable character in the 1994 movie "Pulp Fiction" also wore a white shirt. The classic buttoned white shirt is always needed in our wardrobe and we never feel we have enough of it.

A knit- a light weight knit can be the right choice for a cooler day. It is not too heavy and overheating while it creates a nice warm feel and at the same time matches multiple outfits options.

A cardigan- we love a good cardigan because it’s a great combination between a knit and a jacket. A warm soft feel like a knit with a classic look like the jacket.