How did we design the Morgan Marks and MM Concept summer collection?

Designing a collection involves a long process with multiple steps. From choosing the inspiration, through sketching the clothes, to choosing the fabrics, developing patterns, sewing samples, testing and repairing and finally sewing the final garment and the collection as a whole.

Each step in this journey is critical. Yet, the journey starts with the very first step which arguably is the most important of all, the inspiration. The inspiration forms the backbone of the entire collection. It provides the framework, the language, and the sets of rules and structures. To continue this analogy, the details are only words that create an item or a sentence and together a whole paragraph. Therefore, it is with no surprise that for us, inspiration is the most important step in the process.

So, what is our inspiration for collections?

At a fashion design school, we were taught to divide the design process into two main boards. One board is an inspiration board. Here, we gather all the information related to the inspiration topic we chose. The second board is a client board. Here, we centralise and define all the details that represent our client: age, style, socioeconomic status, and more.

For years the fashion world has worked in this way and clearly divided between the inspiration theme of the collection and the brand’s customer.

We at Morgan Marks and MM Concept depart from traditional strings and boundaries. We do not separate the theme of inspiration from the potential client. We are no longer building two separate boards. We only create one board. For us the client IS the inspiration!

We are inspired by the style of our client and at the same time design innovative, modern and quality collections for her. Our client stands above everything.

Life is fast, multi-stimulating, and keep changing all the time. Our client recognises it, well aware of it, and by large dominating it. This is precisely the place where we meet our client and offering her comfort. We create a relaxed, effortless fashion, one that does not take over the wearer but leaves her room to express her personality. Bold and up-to-date fashion on the one hand, while on the other hand minimalist and pleasant to wear.

We think it is no longer necessary to look for inspiration from different places. If in the past we travelled faraway to find our inspiration in places like Africa or Asia or sought inspiration in historical research of arts and architecture, now we feel it is time to go within. There is no need to make all these efforts outside when the biggest, most relevant inspiration is here and now - our client. And the then the answers for the questions, what our clients is missing in her closet and what she actually needs, become clear and they all arrive in our store in the upcoming days. Get ready.