Improve your everyday makeup with six great practical tips


We are very excited to host on our blog the founder of ‘Alit Mineral Cosmetics’ ,Alit Caro.

With experience of quite a few years, producing natural products made of 100% minerals, a liking for a clean and fresh look, Alit has become a natural makeup guru with many clients around Australia. We met her for a coffee and asked her to provide us with some important makeup tips.

It has been a huge help to us already!

A little about the brand:

“We are proud to be 100% Australian-made & owned makeup and skincare company that is down to earth, pure and honest. Our passion is creating natural products- no-nasties, no fillers just the good stuff.

Alit Cosmetics makes beauty simple and effortless. We strip it right back to the bare basics - and use the natural cosmetics to enhance YOUR natural beauty, not cover it. Simply because we are all about keeping it real - the ingredients, your beauty regime and most importantly YOU!”

We have summarized and happy to share the following valuable tips:

Minimalism- Don't buy products out of habit and don't buy too much. Step one, start the process with cleaning your makeup drawer. We only need the products we use constantly. There is no need to keep makeup products that have been in our hands for many years and are not used. In step two, know your products. Read the list of ingredients that make up the product. You will be surprised to find that most of the products are made of artificial materials that can damage the skin and are therefore not safe to use.

Step three, after cleaning the makeup drawer, buy few products that suit a number of uses. For example – a blush powder that can also be an eye shadow.

Oil moisturizer + foundation makeup = FRESH LOOK- “I recommend using powder makeup. I know that the prevailing view is that a creamy makeup is more balanced on the face but in fact it sinks into the creases and creates a heavier and tired look. For best results with the powder, I recommend applying a moisturizer on the face, wait a few minutes and then evenly distribute the powder. The combination of oil and powder creates a glowing, fresh look and does not sink into the creases”.

Eyes - "Women often use darker shades around the eye. Intuitively, they will choose either black or dark blue. I recommend not to use the familiar dark shades because they make us look more serious and the eyes look smaller. Alternatively choose a lighter colour such as greenish or bluish. Bright colours around the eye will give a fresher look "

Lip - "I recommend using a lip liner but applying all the lips and not just the outer line. In this way, the lipstick above will survive longer on the lips. Lipstick made from organic natural materials survives less than lipstick made from chemicals. Which is why I recommend choosing a lipstick that is healthier for our body and supporting it with a lip liner.

Lips + Eyes - "You can take the same lip liner and use it over the eye as an eyeliner and then take powder and blur over. This creates a primer in original colours like pink, burgundy and red that survives throughout the day."

Quick makeup- And finally, when you don't have time to put on full makeup, I recommend not to give up the foundation that gives a fresh complexion and also don’t miss a good mascara. Someone once said- who need coffee when you have a good mascara”.

*You can find Alit’s magnificent products at Morgan Marks store.