Melbourne duo Ralf Manzi and James Iliopoulos founded Manili in 2013, bringing together their names and a passion for the art of candle making. Inspired by a love of their hometown, they’ve combined their skills in business and design to fashion a product which reflects their love for Melbourne.

The candles are individually hand poured in Melbourne with a distinct focus on craftsmanship and quality. Created from a unique coconut wax blend, they’re designed to enhance fragrance while burning ultra clean.

Manili works closely with a trained perfumer. Each fragrance composition is developed by explaining sensory desires through a literal combination of words, images, raw materials, emotions, and even music. The fragrances are designed to transport them to a period and place; translating specific memories of their life in Melbourne into fragrances.

The artisan process of creating the candle is key to heightening the olfactory experience each provides. From the premium grade fragrance oils and pure essential oils used, to the love and dedication that goes into creating the perfect blend, the Manili range reflects the passion for the city it calls home.