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  PUBLIC Urban Art Walks are professionally guided walking tours of murals through Northbridge and the Perth CBD run by the Not-for-Profit group FORM. Over 45 artists contributed to PUBLIC: Art in the City. Well-known international and Australian artists, including Perth locals Stormie Mills, Anya Brock and the Last Chance collective. The funds raised from these tours are intended to help sustain further iterations of the PUBLIC program and will be dedicated to helping fund the future of PUBLIC. These incredible murals tower over many buildings and shouldn’t be missed. We here at S2 recommend you get out and take the urban tour around our city; you might see new places or just fall in love all over again whilst...

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This month I have taken a look back into fashion and its relationship with wearing the colour black, after being inspired by the latest exhibition from the Met’s Costume Institute: “DEATH BECOMES HER: A CENTURY OF MOURNING ATTIRE” Today - Black is fashionable and loved here at S2 for everyday wear, but up until the 20th Century the colour black was only worn by those in mourning. Before black was fashionable widows wore it to avoid scandal, and were expected to wear mourning attire for at least two and a half years after the death of their spouse. Dresses were constructed out of stiff black silk gauze (also known then as crape) and usually adorned with a ruffle trim, accessorised...

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