Yes! These are my final days at S2…

I write to express my heartfelt and sincere thanks for your wonderful, loyal patronage, the love of an aesthetic, friendships forged and stories + wisdom shared. I have enjoyed so many wonderful days and learned so much, it has been an incredible decade!

My partner, Philip, and I will soon be moving to Melbourne…a dream of ours we are finally able to realise.

I leave S2 in fine hands with Morgan Marks, a Western Australian designer.
Morgan will continue to showcase the incredible brands you have come to know and love, plus add her own signature designs + some new brands to the floor. Hadas is staying on to look after you, our loyalty program will continue and I will be here for a short while to oversee S2’s handover.

I would be thrilled if you could join me for a glass or two to celebrate my farewell.       

An invitation is on its way for Sat 2 Sept 3 – 5pm

Thank you + much love Chrissie