What do we wear this winter? Layers

 "The joy of dressing is an art."

(John Galliano)

The big advantage of the cold season is that you can wear layers. It's sophisticated, elegant, and surely has a Parisian chic.


Wearing layers of clothing is the most effective, practical, and aesthetic way to survive the ups and downs of temperatures throughout the day as well as entering heated spaces and back again to the outside cold.


It is important to remember that no matter what layered look you choose you must not forget the proportions. The secret to success in the layered look lies in the right proportions. The clothing system should be balanced on the body. Not too big, not too long, and not overly tight.


If you wear it correctly, the layered outfit will be flattering, interesting, and will convey a sophisticated style.


That’s how we’re love to wear our layers:


Not too much - you can wear a long cardigan over a knit dress and T-shirt. It counts as layers, but wearing no more than three items.


The classic way - sweater over button shirt or cardigan over button shirt. It's the classic way of looking in layers combined with many choices of colors, fabrics and prints.


Expose a little skin - even if you wear several layers at the upper body but combine them with three-quarter-length pants and sneakers with short socks, the overall look is balanced and not too cluttered with items.


Length games - you can combine different lengths so that the bottom layer is longer and protrudes below the top layer. You can also wear a long jacket over a skirt of almost the same length


Texture Games - you can combine items in different textures. A combination of transparent and solid can produce a light and sophisticated layered appearance.