#NZ Fashion Talks with NOM*d + Zambesi

The inspiring, founding designers of the iconic New Zealand design brands NOM*d + Zambesi, 'Sisters of Fashion’, Margarita Robertson [NOM*d] + Elisabeth Finlay [Zambesi] joined many an admirer for an uplifting evening hosted by S2.

An insightful Q&A hosted by S2'S friend Meri Fatin provided true lovers of these brands a shining look in to the personal + fashion lives of Margarita + Elisabeth.

Our most sincere + warmest gratitude to Margi + liZ for visiting us in Western Australia on their way to Paris; stopping over to showcase their Spring/Summer Collections at Telstra Perth Fashion Festival + join us at S2 xx

S2's Art installation "Go to the mattresses" created by Niamh + Chrissie, set an illuminated back drop for the evening. All were delighted when the windows lit with an N + Z set to represent NOM*d + Zambesi, also represented our guests homeland New Zealand.

Our warmest thanks to our event sponsors Lamont's + Palermo Chartered Accountants + Garbologie + Daniel from One Fell Swoop for the beautiful, food styling.